Yves Netzhammer Limited Edition T Shirt (Panda)
198 CNY

Material: 100% Cotton

Tops            Bust / Length / Shoulder / Sleeve

S (165)          64        92        40        20

M (170)         66        96        41        21

L (175)          68        100      42        12

XL (180)        70        104      43        23​

Recommended Reason

Does God laugh when mankind thinks? Yves Netzhammer, a Swiss artist born in 1970, now lives and works in Zurich. His works as if to tear the existing space of time and space, through a dynamic combination of animated short films, the iron installation art, and paintings, showing the juxtaposition of pain and joy, and the shift between life and death. By integration and reorganization those art elements, he subverts the cognition of the world and time and space ironically. 

From August to October 2017, Shanghai Fosun Art Center held the exhibition of Yves Netzhammer, called “Refurnishing Thoughts”, the artist's unremitting exploration of the space and media, as well as his ideas of time, environment, and society.

The artist particularly designed two kinds of limited-edition T-shirts for this exhibition. The black T-shirt smartly combined the animal figures in his works, such as the panda, butterfly, and the mouse.