Join us Internship

Fosun Foundation (Shanghai) is dedicated to nurturing new talents in contemporary art research and museum administration, as well as promoting dialogues between the Foundation and academic institutions. To this end, we offer a number of unpaid internship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students.

Who Can Apply

We primarily accept internship applications from fourth-year undergraduate students and graduate students based in Shanghai. Preference is given to those with a demonstrated passion for contemporary art or an understanding of the art management industry.

Internship opportunities and responsibilities are as follows:

1.Operations Department ( 3 )

Help with the operations of the center, front desk, store, and café. Assist with volunteer recruitment, training, and day-to-day organization. Translate and update relevant administrative procedures. Collect and update membership information. Assist with events planning, announcements, and information gathering for membership events. Give exhibition tours (requires docent evaluation).
Assist with the center’s administrative tasks, management of documents and books, and other departmental responsibilities.

2.Exhibitions and Research Department ( 2 )

Assist with exhibitions-related tasks (promotion before the opening, installation and deinstallation, organization and translation exhibition materials, and more). Help with the day-to-day maintenance of the galleries and artworks. Keep photographic records. Maintain an archive of artist files and published material belonging to the center. Oversee the translation of documents. Give exhibition tours (requires docent evaluation).

3.Media and Development Department ( 2 )

Help with tasks related to the website, Weibo, WeChat, and other online promotional platforms, including day-to-day management and maintenance. Assist with events (including openings, exhibition press conferences, media events, and more) and organize relevant photographic, video, and audio recordings. Produce media clipping reports. Translate relevant materials (in both Chinese and English). Give exhibition tours (requires docent evaluation).

4.Education and PR Department ( 2 )

Assist with the center’s educational events (including forums, art nights, exhibitions-related talks, children’s education programs, and more) and organize relevant photographic, video, and audio recordings. Write event descriptions, summaries, and other textual materials. Translate and proofread event information. Assist Education Department staff with art education promotional events in schools across Shanghai. Contact program instructors and assist with the management of workshop materials. Gather various materials for educational programs. Provide effective messaging for the museum. Give exhibition tours (requires docent evaluation).

5.Merchandising Department ( 1 )

Help with programs related to the front desk, store, café operations, and product development.

How to Apply

* Please prepare the following materials and send them to before the internship application deadline:

A letter of intent including your internship goals, desired program, and internship duration
A scan of your ID card or student ID
A one-inch, half-body photograph