A.R.Penck postcard
25 CNY

Quantity: 6 pieces
Size: 148mm x 100mm
Artworks information:A.R. Penck, Untitled (Standart)1967-1968, 30cm x21cm, A.R. Penck, Will sign become reality? , 1967-1968, 30cm x21cm, A.R. Penck, Man Movement I, 1988, 160 x 200 cm, A.R. Penck, Man Movement II,1988, 160 x 200 cm, A.R. Penck, G.Z. Face, 1975, 85x60cm, A.R. Penck, Self-Head I, 1984, 60x20x21cm.

Recommended Reason

In the cave of civilization, will sign become reality? A.R. Penck’s artistic creating process is a journey for exploration, he researched for and examined a system of signs and his own vocabulary of painting, which is a completely new form, combined with the characters of prehistorical cave paintings and modern scientific theories. This kind of abstract semiotic system could be seen as a labyrinth of metaphors, inviting the audience to discover the answer that the author seeks: What happens when we communicate and express ourselves? How will human history evolve?From Penck’s artworks, a new visual mythology was established, and a period of historical rupture was revealed.

The six kinds of postcards are selected from A.R. Penck’s six series of paintings and sculptures. By using a series of abstract symbols, such as matchstick men and eagles, Penck invites spectators to return to the intellectual history of humanity.