Tomás Saraceno: Aerographies The Utopian Practitioner and Visionary Artist's First Solo Exhibition in China

A visionary artist whose work combines science, technology, and art, Tomás Saraceno’s first solo exhibition in China, organized by Fosun Foundation Shanghai, brings together many of the artist’s most important and iconic works that embody his utopian view of the future. Born in Tucumán, Argentina, in 1973, Saraceno now lives and works in Berlin. His artistic method, bridges across the fields of art and science to create self-contained ecological spaces that link the natural environment with our social conditions. This exhibition concentrates on the space above the Earth’s surface, inviting viewers to travel together on an imagined journey from the micro- to the macrocosmic. The artist centers his explorations and constructions around the spaces above the surface of Earth, located in air, outside the realm of extant human habitations.

The President of the Fosun Foundation Ms. Jenny Jinyuan Wang notes, “In today’s China, as society, the economy, science, and technology are all developing apace, we are honored to present the art of Tomás Saraceno to audiences in Shanghai and all over China. His works are replete with considerations of life in the future, both imaginary and practical. They ask us to imagine how, in this age of unprecedented human connection and interaction, we can work together to build a more beautiful future world, one whose development is sustainable in the long term.” 

2018.03.25 - 2018.06.03
Fosun Foundation (Shanghai)