Solo Exhibition Yves Netzhammer - Refurnishing Thoughts

Supported by: Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council
Sponsored by: Project Woo, KunstgiessereiSt.Gallen Sculpture Production (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., KRT, Wanda Reign, and BUNDSTAR media

Exhibition Description

The works of Swiss artist Yves Netzhammer seem to tear rifts in time within active spaces. Through an organic synthesis of painting, steel installation, and animated short film, the artist integrates and re-configures these artistic elements to playfully subvert our understanding of time, space, and the world more generally: joy and pain coexist; life and death cycle endlessly. A comprehensive presentation of Netzhammer’s work across various media, this exhibition is an exhaustive expression of his tireless inquiries into space and medium as well as his sustained interest in time, environment, and society. The works on display here include seven short animations, over thirty steel installations, and more than ten wall paintings.

This exhibition also breaks down the traditional boundaries of the exhibition space, with a rolling broadcast of short films by both artists displayed onLujiazui’s Citibank“Bund Star” LED screen. This link, bridging the Lujiazui architectural complex and the galleries of Fosun Foundation Shanghai, engenders a metaphorical collision between contemporary art and society, one that resonates throughout the entire city.

2017.08.13 - 2017.10.07
Fosun Foundation (Shanghai)